Its 2022 - Do we really
need to have desk phones?

Whenever I meet with companies to talk about how we can assist in their business, this question comes up: Its 2022 – Do we really need to have desk phones? A very good question.

There are a number of different devices that can be connected to a VOIP telephone system such as desk phones, cordless phones, PC applications and mobile applications which all do a very similar job in their own way. The trick is to find what suits your needs the best

For example, if you are a tyre fitter in a tyre shop it is more likely that a cordless handset would fit your needs more than a PC based phone. However the accounts staff in the tyre shop may well be more suited to the PC based phone or even a desk phone.

In saying that there is definitely a trend to be more mobile. In another common example you might spend days at your desk making lots of calls which is well suited to desk phone or PC based application, but you also spend 1 day per week on the road and still want to say connected. This is a pretty typical situation also where we install a mobile application on your mobile phone and you utilise this when you are away from the desk.

It is also very hard to ignore the fact that desk handsets are considered “old fashioned” by some, and on face value PC and mobile applications on devices you already have may be a better way to go. Interestingly we have plenty of examples where users have moved from desk phones to PC applications, then moved back again.

To answer the main question “Its 2022 – Do we really need to have desk phones?”, we don’t believe that you have to get desk phones but we do believe that you need to get the appropriate equipment for the job as you see it.